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Aging former hippie radical now rusticating in darkest Ohio. A mixed bag of conflicting opinions which I inflict on the unfortunate at a moment's notice. I enjoy reading/writing science fiction, driving sports cars on winding roads, primitive camping and contributing to the polarization of dialogue.

For the morbidly curious, I'm 60+, daughter just completed her Masters, son moving to N.C to enter med school (had kids in my late 30's, which was great cause I didn't have to give up being a lunatic in my 20's to be a "DAD"). Finally met the woman I'd been hoping forall my life and am now ecstatically crazy in love for over ten years to date. Happily retired after being an alcohol/drug addictions counselor for over 30 years. Generally bent politically left, but remain outcast & a pariah to hard lefties since I don't support gun control and do support capital punishment. I read across a wide range of topics, but was hopelessly poisoned by growing up on television and movies. My brain is clogged with tons of useless trivia that gets in the way of worthwhile knowlege--I remember next to nothing of all the great classic literature I once read, but can still recite "The Encyclopedia Song" from the Mickey Mouse Club of 1955, know all the words to Johnny Cash's 'Ring of Fire' and embarass the hell out of my kids by singing 'Chef Louie's Song' from the Little Mermaid (complete with atrocious Maurice Chevalier accent.).

My closest approach to philosophy is the famous line of Emerson..."a foolish consistency is the hobgoblin of little minds..." FANTASTIC rationalization for being disorganized and self-contradictory.

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